Food nutrition is the important component for human health. Bad nutrition can cause decreasing some organ function in human body. Considering the importance of the food nutrition, that’s why it is needed to conduct research continuously which focuses on food nutrition. Therefore, the Department of Agricultural Product Technology, Faculty of Agriculture Technology, University of Brawijaya builds a Laboratory of Food Nutrition and Agriculture Products. The scopes of this laboratory are about the study related to nutrition and nutrient food, such as bioavailability, nutrition, bioassay, public nutrition and functional food. This laboratory completes the three other laboratories built before and it was led bay Dr. Ir. Yunianta. The aims of this laboratory are that to support any activities such as lab works, learning and teaching process, research, public dedication, and also student organization activities.

The scopes of Food Nutrition subjects managed are: Advanced Evaluation of Nutrition Food, Suplement and Functional Food, Nutrient and Public Health, Special Topic in Food Nutrition, Food Nutrient Socialization and Consultation, Human Physiology, and Management System of Food Services.

Food Nutrition Laboratory is being led by Dr. Ir. Tri Dewanti Widyaningsih, M.Kes. Some research topics which have been produced are:

1. The developing of food processing method for maintaning the value of food nutrient

2. Vitamin and mineral fortification on food products

3. The Developing of specific food products for preventing malnutrition on children.

4. The study of quality of food nutrition on the market

5. The development of in vitro and in vivo for testing the quality of the agriculture product nutrition